Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching helps to improve communication and develop healthy relationship “habits” to strengthen the bond between couples, family members, or to enhance friendships. With a focus on setting goals, developing individual strengths and implementing tools to improve upon challenges, relationship coaching can help both individuals begin to see immediate results as they actively work with the coach to achieve realistic goals. Relationship coaching can be a useful tool in a myriad of everyday challenges. Listed below are some examples of how Relationship coaching may be able to help your relationship.


Marital challenges

Psychologist helping a couple with relationship difficulties inOur coaches provide support for couples who are considering marriage as well as couples who find themselves at a crossroads or even in crisis. Our goal-centered approach helps couples to set specific goals and actively work in a way to move forward to effect change that will enhance the relationship. Marriage requires hard work and our coaches will help you to foster what is already working and discover the areas in which change is necessary. We will then provide the tools for you to grow your marriage.


Sibling conflicts

Conflict with our siblings is a normal part of life; however, there are times in our lives that these conflicts may become hurtful and disruptive and require an intervention. Our coaches can help provide communication skills that can help navigate these challenging situations.


Change in life status (Dealing with a break-up or loss of a loved one)

Unfortunately, loss is part of life. As much as we realize this, there are times when the loss of someone in our life becomes too much to bear and interrupts our ability to function in our daily lives. Whether you are dealing with a difficult break-up, a friend or family member moving away, or the loss of a loved one, our coaches can help you to work through the feelings of loss and the impact of the change in your life.


Conflicts with in-laws

As the saying goes, you not only marry your spouse, you also marry their family. When we increase our family by way of our significant other, this can present unique challenges in these extended relationships. Our coaches will provide communication techniques that can help to navigate these sometimes “choppy waters” and hopefully lead to closer and more satisfying relationships.


Support for the partner of someone who is abusing substances

Confused About LoveThe partner of someone who abuses substances is in one of the most significantly challenging situations. Emotions range from hurt, anger, sorrow, loss, and an overwhelming feeling of wanting to “fix” the other person. The substance use has an insidious way of overshadowing everything else in the relationship and creates a chasm that often-times seems impossible to overcome. Our coaches not only have an educational background in these issues, but also personal experience to provide a unique empathy and compassion to those who find themselves dealing with these very difficult issues.


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