April C. Tyrrell, M.Ed.

Relationship & Family Coach

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Since my first Psychology class my sophomore year in high school, I have felt an inherent drive to help others improve the quality of their life through better communication. The art of being able to effectively communicate your needs, wants, and desires to another human being can make an enormous difference in the quality and fulfillment you feel in your life.  In my work life, I have experienced and worked through communication challenges with teens, their parents, their teachers, and other stake holders. In my personal life, I have learned through a myriad of experiences that working constantly to improve communication with those closest to me only serves to enhance the relationships with those I care about the most. Working as a coach, I am now in a position to help individuals maximize their potential, strengthen and improve their relationships, and ultimately, improve their overall quality of life.

As your coach, I bring to the table years of experience in the educational setting. As a high school English teacher for a number of years, as well as a school counselor, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of students and their parents in a collaborative approach toward their student’s success. These relationships typically begin with a focus on academics, but more often than not, it expands and allows me to coach from a holistic approach to help them improve communication as a family unit, mediate conflicts, deal with divorce/custody situations, navigate anxiety and confidence issues, as well as deal with substance issues that may be hindering a student’s success. My experience allows me to provide students and their parents, and often-times, teachers the tools necessary to communicate effectively to get what they want. Some examples include setting appropriate boundaries, asserting oneself, learning to ask for help, and learning to express hurt or anger appropriately. These are all examples of important communication skills that will translate throughout a lifetime.

In addition to my professional experience, I bring years of insight from my personal journey as a wife of 26 years, mother of two adult sons, and the challenges, joys, and insights these roles entail. As your coach, I will be happy to share how my husband and I survived the challenges of marrying at 19 (despite family opposition), returning to college as an adult learner in my 30’s, navigating the difficult challenges of parenting two boys, and probably my most challenging but rewarding journey, loving close family members through the challenges of depression and addiction, and becoming a better person through these journeys. These are just a few of the most significant paths I’ve traveled in my life that I truly believe strengthen my ability to serve as your coach. As a facilitator and guide, I will assist you in helping yourself. We will develop a plan together for you to reach your relationship goals, with weekly check-ins that provide support and accountability. In return, you will develop life and communication skills that will serve you well in your current and future relationships.

Whether you are looking for someone to guide you through a difficult relationship, tackle difficult family issues, or are seeking a deeper purpose in your life, I would be honored to walk with you on your journey to help you grow into your absolute best self.